Project Description

After proudly serving two years in the United States Siberian Expeditionary Force, Paul Daniel returned to California in 1920, working for the Pan-American Petroleum Company. It was there where he quickly engrossed himself in the oil industry, learning at an exponential rate, which allowed him to rapidly climb the corporate ladder and eventually land himself the position of Assistant to the Manager of the company’s Natural Gas Division in Los Angeles, California in 1928. When the Great Depression barreled down the U.S., Daniel took what could have been a devastating loss and persevered, making this his prime opportunity to begin designing his orifice fitting that would allow for the changing of the plates within the oil pipeline system without interrupting the flow of the oil or allowing significant leakage. By the end of the 1930s, Daniel had a patent in hand for his “senior orifice fitting,’ a design so instrumental that it remains the standard in the pipeline industry today.