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Q: Where can I find pressure drop across the meter?

A: Click the calculation button above the line size for more information on the meter and flowmeter + flow conditioner pressure drop.

Q: What is the maximum pressure of the ANSI class Rating?

A: Press the Ratings button next to ANSI class to highlight the ANSI pressure ratings for each class.

Q: When should I select a series 1200 meter?

A: Daniel series 1200 meters are designed for lighter hydrocarbons and are suitable for load rack and batch loading applications.

Q: Can I enter my own process conditions?

A: Yes. The program has a list of common fluids and their properties, but you can input your specific conditions.

Q: The main screen is highlighting the line size chosen – is there any more information available?

A: Yes, click on the calculation button next to the line size and the areas of concern will be highlighted in the process conditions or the range the meters will not perform as required.

Q: When should I select a series 1500 meter?

A: Daniel Series 1500 meters are of a more rugged design and are available in rim and blade type- rim type only above 8” line size. They are highly accurate and suitable for pipeline, marine loading providing a greater number of pulses per unit volume therefore reducing the prover size required. Extended flow ranges are also available.

Q: How will I know if both the 1200 and 1500 series are available?

A: When both options are available a “select Meter Options” button appears at the bottom of the Parameters page (after clicking the calculations button on the main page).