What we do here at Daniel would not be possible without our amazing team!

Dena Van Zandt is one of our Inside Sales Representatives.

We would like to introduce Dena Van Zandt as one of those integral members of our team. Dena is an Inside Sales Representative for Daniel Measurement and Control. Dena knows the ins and outs of Daniel after almost 40 years with the company! She has been dedicated to this company through 4 name changes and, at one point, drove over 50 miles to and from work every day in Louisiana to continue to be a part of this team.

Working as an Inside Sales Representative for Daniel has provided her the opportunity to become friends with customers, old and new, over the years and create authentic relationships so they always know they can count on her to come through for them with their needs.

During this new chapter at Daniel, she is looking forward to continuing to grow the Inside Sales Team so we can continue to provide the exceptional service Daniel is known for!